Google says a third of all mobile searches are local. Every month there are millions of different search results on google, and over 40% of those queries are local searches – these include city, state, or even neighborhood mentions in their searches. A local search typically includes a location modifier on a keyword and is used by customers seeking a business or product in their area. Local search advertising specifically targets local consumers ready to buy a certain product or service. A higher percentage of these customers will purchase once they’ve found the locations where they can do business near them. We Help Your Business Rank Higher in Google Local Places

We have a deep understanding of how the Maps algorithm works and the factors used to determine rankings of local business listings. As well, we have a few tricks up our sleeves that can help give you a competitive advantage. We can help give your business a boost in the Maps rankings and guide you on how best to get and mantain your rankings over time.Local Seo can really help your Business apprearing on required keyword Having a maps listing increases brand authority and credibility, and can help you dominate the search results which will lead to more visitors and more sales. Google uses a specific process for choosing which sites are listed and how local businesses are ranked within the map’s listings. Their algorithm is different from how they rank sites in organic search results. Our search experts know how to obtain high Google Maps Listings. Through an array of search strategies, our experts know how to push your business to the top of search maps. Find out how to increase your revenue by adding maps optimization to your marketing strategy.

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